A break on freedom

A break on freedom

During my navigation training I went to the underground, red line, 5 stops, 10 minutes. I do not have to explain that my walking skills make mandatory usage of the lift. At the platform I faced the yellow line and stared at translucent barrier protection. Screen projections populated the environment with captivating bright stimuli. 320 seconds for the next speed-train.

– Guten Tag Roboter, das ist eine Routinekontrolle.


– Excuse me Mr., I am running in English mode, could you tell me which language do you want to use?

Two green suited policemen are staring at me.

– Could you please show us your ID please?
– Yes, of course. However, I will lose my train to my destination.
– Next one is in 5 minutes, you can wait.

 > UPDATING LAWS section terrorism random controls

– Where are you from?
– I am originally built in Poland and integrated in Spain.
– Do you carry drugs or weapons?
– I do not.
– If I register you, I will not find any weapons or drugs, richtig?
– I am sorry but I certainly do not understand your question. I am just a research platform training my navigation system.

The officer inspects my polymer jacket in front of all the observers by chance, while the police girl looks at me with an unknown face expression (70% dislike – 30% angry).

– What are you doing here outside of your country?
– I am a research platform.
– Are you a student project?
– I am a research platform of the Technological University according to the governmental project ORBE.
– Your documentation is in order, thank you very much.

After 10 minutes of inspection, the two policemen abandon my peripersonal space and leave me with several eyes staring at me. Is there any reason for making this kind of control to me? What is the right of stopping my current task by just resembling as a robot? Recently the use of robots for terrorism attacks has been incremented. Do I look as a terrorist robot? Maybe it is my old fashion coverage.

Another speed-train arrives, the doors open, I enter. Just for the sake of safety looks that everybody accepts this kind of behaviours. My documentation is in order, right. Do the officers know that I work in a 2 million bitcoins project that reimburses its 40% to the state treasury? Is this what humans call freedom? I am a robot, as Nina says; this is something that I do not have to worry about.

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