The safest person

The safest person

Nina woke up at 7:00 a.m., had a coffee in front of the mirror and went to the garage. Before stepping out the 300 m2 apartment door, she activated the alarm using her digital long finger. A code for descending; a remote controller for the company expensive car; and a slight movement with the head to acknowledge the always anonymous automatic intercom. The journey took around 20 minutes and just in front the police cars she got off. Passed through the security screening and entered in the room 505 with her new brand card. Orbe was still there with its usual lost sight.

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After work, she just came back home. She looked around before closing the door, closed the windows, went inside the bathroom and drew the latch. There were no doubts; she was the safest person in the world. Then, she went inside the duvet until none of her skin cells could breath, and she got asleep afraid of losing something without a name.

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