I did talk but none understood

I did talk but none understood

Interacting with humans has some difficulties. Let’s say that communication depends on the inherent ambiguity of the intentionality and contextual discovery. And in this case, there is no other than: a white room, a white table, three white fluorescents lamps and a white lab coat. It would seem that they love white above all –In USA could be even an affront against positive discrimination. An engineer would state that white is all ones in the red, green and blue bytes. However there is a vast of whites, there are as many whites as a floating point register can store.


– Cześć, wie gehts? – I static declare
– Orbhe, you know that I don’t understand if you don’t speak my language
– Quiero eso.
– That – While moving the arm towards the object I smile.
-You want the toy, don’t you? Here you are -Says Nina nicely giving the smile back.
Sceptical I add a basic and unavoidable entry reward feedback. Any expression combined with a smile express more than all the words and the languages of the world. At least to obtain the valued and highly appreciated yellow animal shaped toy.

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