A German Teacher

A German Teacher

Like before, that was my first time in meeting someone called teacher. I have never understood what they mean with that word. Who is not a teacher?

I cannot really work out yet what a facial expression means. At least, not exactly. Fortunately, Nina told me yesterday that even humans cannot do it. Interesting, such a big world behind a simple facial movement. Anyway, that teacher was completely different from Nina. She was much smaller and has short brown hair. She sat near me and looked me intently showing an apparently signal of fear, curiosity and tenderness. “Ok , let’s start”, she said.

Some days before, humans created a folder labelled as German with a terminology database. German, along with English and Japanese, seems to have a very big connection with our origin and background. “So, let’s begin”…

While keeping her direct and intense look, she carefully opened a white notebook and pointing into something written, she said loud and clear “Morphem”. “Nice”, I thought, “I like the sound”. My turn taking behavioural response warned me about answering, not waiting for her to continue. I was ready, I was excited and I said “Weiss”. Nevertheless, her face does not seem very happy, so she turned the page and tried again: “Substantive”. I could not fail now, I am designed to learn anything. I concentrate all my computational resources in this task and said: “Heft”. But I did not perceive any smile. She tried again. I like the way humans keep trying incessantly, it makes me feel protected. “Präsens”, “Notizbuch”. “Akkusativ”, “Kladde”. “Nebensatz”, “Buch”…

Suddenly, she stopped and sighed tired. “I cannot continue anymore”, “It cannot learn at all”, “If it does not have a grammatical basis, it makes no sense to continue”. “Grammar! Grammar!” shouted her while leaving the room.

Grammatical basis? I did not see anything but a white notebook.

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